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Señora Moore

Spanish 2

 Course description

The Spanish II language course focuses on the continued development of communicative competence in the target language and understanding of the culture(s) of the people who speak the language. It assumes that the students have successfully completed a Level I course or are at a Novice-Mid level of proficiency. Students begin to show a greater level of accuracy when using basic language structures, and they are exposed to more complex features of the language. They continue to focus on communicating about their immediate world and daily life activities, read material on familiar topics, and write short, directed compositions. The major means of communication between students and instructors will be in the target language.


  Course materials

- 1 Composition notebook 100 Sheets (200 pages)

-   Post-it filing tabs

-  1 two pocket folder (for handouts)

-  1 package of ruled loose-leaf paper

- pencils and blue or black pens

- 1 Spanish/English dictionary(optional)

- Donations of disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, or tissues are greatly appreciated


Google Classroom:

Please log in to your Google account using your Columbia County student email credentials, and then open the Classroom app. Use the following codes to join your class.

1st period:  32ozans                       3rd period:  ir3bx3r                             6th period:  txzxzu

2nd period:  It91si                           4th period: Ifc9zvc                              7th period:  v6m38y

1st: Spanish 2  RM 420
2nd:Spanish 2 RM 421
3rd:Spanish 2 RM 617
4th:Spanish 2 RM 619
5th: Planning
6th: Spanish 2 RM 408
7th: Spanish 2 Rm 408
Tutoring Sessions:
Thursdays In Room 408 after school until 4:00pm