Greenbrier High School

Prom Information

BOARD PROCEDURE                                                       Descriptive Code: JHD


STUDENT SOCIAL EVENTS                                           Date: July 27, 2020


Procedures and Regulations Governing School Dances


  1. The local administrator will approve all dances.
  2. Chaperones and police will be at all dances. Chaperones must be responsible adults approved by the principal such as a teacher or parent volunteer.
  3. Chaperones will restrict re-entry to the dances.
  4. Only those students presently enrolled in Columbia County Schools may attend the activity.
  5. Disciplinary policies and procedures approved by the Board of Education will be enforced.
  6. All activities must cease prior to or by 12 midnight and must adhere to SACS requirements on frequency and time restrictions.
  7. The sponsors of the dance are responsible for cleaning the facility and could be held responsible for damage or cost of repair.
  8. Employees serving as chaperones will also be considered as on duty supervisors and official representatives of their school.


Procedures and Regulations Governing High School Proms


  1. Because the Prom is a school function, students must dress and behave accordingly. ALL school rules and regulations will be enforced.
  2. Every student must show a photo ID for admittance to the Prom.
  3. A written letter of permission to attend Prom is required for all guests not attending the school sponsoring the Prom.
    1. Guests who attend other high schools will be required to submit a letter of “Good Standing” on their school’s letterhead signed by an administrator.
    2. Guests not currently attending high school must submit a copy of their driver’s license and a certified verification form from a law enforcement agency indicating completion of a Criminal Background Check. Additionally, a permission letter is required from each Columbia County student’s parent or guardian granting permission for his or her child to attend prom with such a guest.
  4. No guest over the age of 20 will be allowed to attend Prom without appropriate approval by the school administration.



ADOPTED:   1/12/88

REVISED:     8/7/00, 4/9/12, 4/23/12, 1/21/14, 7/27/20



Columbia County Board of Education

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If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Mallon at [email protected]



Tickets are $50/each person and are available to purchase from March 25th - April 17th

  IF you are bringing someone from another school, please see Ms. Wilkinson in the Guidance Office to receive the appropriate form.  Forms are due by April 18th!

 Any questions, please email Mrs. Mallon at [email protected]