Greenbrier High School

Ms. Lowery's Home Page

Welcome to my class!   
We will use THIS WEBSITE for the daily calendar and will use Google Classroom for materials.  Most assignments will be completed on PAPER and handed in during class.  This is a face to face daily class, so we will treat it as such.  While there will be occasional digital assignments, most will be completed in the classroom or for homework on paper.       

Your daily calendar is in the link below. Please get in the habit of checking it, especially if you are absent.  We will look at it often together in class as well.  


My email is   [email protected]
This is the best way to reach me!  I can get back to you very quickly, most of the time in less than 24 hours.  

I am also available by phone (just call GHS 706-650-6040).  

Students can reach me via Google Classroom for questions as well.  
Google Classroom Codes
2nd – AP Literature -  kyck3sx                     5th – Sophomore English - ord5ftg
3rd – Sophomore English – owynjcc              6th -  AP Literature - h4fclzl
4th -  Sophomore English - nj5ql7g               7th – Sophomore English - 4xd6ghn