Greenbrier High School
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Classroom Expectations

  • Be RespectfulAll students and teachers will respect each other in and outside of the classroom. We are all learners working towards a shared goal. 

  • Be a CommunicatorThere will be many discussions during the course of this class. Talk. Listen. Ask Questions.


  • Be ProactiveThis is your time to work on you as a learner. Come in ready to learn. Use your time wisely and fill in the gaps with meaningful tasks. 

  • Be Open-mindedWe will try many different activities in this class. Some will work. Some will not. We are all learning what works best for us as a community of learners. 
  • Be PreparedCome into class with all required materials and be in your desk when the bell rings.  We will start each day with your journal or your independent reading book.
  • Be PresentBeing present does not just mean attending class. Students are expected to have cell phones and electronic devices off and put away during class. There will be times that we use our phones for instructional activities, but unless the instruction to use devices is given, all devices must be put away.