Greenbrier High School



Football is a great tool to teach valuable life lessons. The Wolfpack football program strives to provide opportunities to learn about and develop characteristics that we believe will have lifelong impact.  Football transforms boys into men. We are invested in developing champions on and off the field. As the young men leave our program, we hope to have prepared them to be productive citizens, great husbands, and honorable fathers.  We emphasize commitment, teamwork, effort, and honor to accomplish our task.


We believe every action, individually and collectively, will drive our team towards success. The efforts of every person must work in harmony with others if we expect great things. Famous author, John C. Maxwell, stated “the truth is that teamwork is the heart of great achievement”.  Our team’s greatest success with be accomplished together.



“Grind” has become a buzzword in athletics. It describes toughness and effort that athletes must demonstrate to overcome a challenge.  Relentless effort is required not just on Friday night, but during practice, in the weight room.  It has been said that “boys will do what they want to do, men will do what they have to do.” Being tough and putting forward all of one’s effort is a choice and does not require talent. Our program is focused on developing young men and it starts with expecting maximum effort.



 It’s been said that “commitment is an act not a word.” Commitment requires us to see beyond ourselves, being dedicated to doing what is best for the advancement of our team. Sometimes this requires us to do things that are uncomfortable and difficult, counter to what the outside world promotes. We are committed to doing things the right way with excellence all the time.



We play for each other, for our families, for Greenbrier High School, and for the Greenbrier community. It is with great honor and respect that we compete to represent the Wolfpack family. We understand that not every person can play football so having the ability to compete on the gridiron will not be taken for granted.