Greenbrier High School

Hall of Fame

Important Dates:

June 1- August 27:  Nominations are accepted

September 3: Selection Committee Voting


To honor and recognize athletes, coaches, administrators and other community contributors who have brought recognition, honor and distinction to the athletic program at Greenbrier High School.  Induction into the Greenbrier Athletic Hall of Fame will be the highest honor that the athletic department can bestow upon an individual.

Category of Nomination
  • Former Athlete: an athlete must be an alumnus of Greenbrier High School and be graduated a minimum of seven years prior to nomination.
  • Coach/Administrator: a coach or administrator must be retired and have served with the Columbia County School System at least five years.
  • Contributor: a contributor to Greenbrier Athletics may be nominated at anytime.
  • Posthumous: a nomination received posthumously for any category may be given at any time.
Guidelines for Selection
  • Level of competition weighted towards high school career.
  • Contributors to the athletic program
  • Honors and Awards
  • School, State, or National Records
  • Length of affiliation with the athletic program
  • Leadership
  • Community Involvement
  • Citizenship/Sportsmanship
Inductees into the Greenbrier Athletic Hall of Fame and their families will be recognized and honored at a Greenbrier High School Athletic Event to be announced.  Each inductee will be presented a Greenbrier Hall of Fame plaque, and the inductee’s name will be permanently displayed on the Greenbrier Athletic Hall of Fame Wall, which is located in the mall hall near the gym area.

All nominations can be submitted to Garrett Black, Athletic Director at Greenbrier High School, on an ongoing basis until May, 2024.  Nominations not chosen for selection during the current year will remain on file and be nominated automatically for three more years.

Selection Committee
Chip Fulmer: Principal Greenbrier High School
Garrett Black: Athletic Director Greenbrier High School
Debbie Born:  Retired Educator
Kristen Schlegel: Teacher, Asst. Athletic Director
Ed Williams: Retired Educator
Shane Pangle: President Greenbrier Athletic Foundation
Casey Heckathorn: Head Golf Coach, Teacher
Chip Warren serves the Hall of Fame by putting together the inductee biographies, pictures, etc.
Debbie Born - Volleyball, Flag Football
Katie Smallwood - Cross Country, Track
Ed Williams - Baseball
John Johnson - Baseball
Bradley Key - Baseball
Tony Smith -- Football

Nolan Belcher - Baseball

Rich Poythress - Baseball

Brandon Cumption - Baseball

Eric Marshall - Boy's Basketball
Michelle Swiec - Girls' Basketball
Mickey Derrick - Athletic Director & Head Coach
Alisha Simmons - Women's Track
Stephanie Fransoso - Women's Soccer
Joey Grigsby - Men's Soccer
La'Shawn Butler - Men's Track
Mark Thornhill - Baseball
Stephanie Quinn - Women's Golf
Mark Smith - Baseball
Bridget Lyons - Cross Country
Kristen Glover - Softball
Mark Moseley -  Asst. Softball Coach, Booster President, Basketball Clock Operator
Ed Amerson - Greenbrier's Biggest Fan
Terry Holder - Athletic Directdor & Head Football Coach