Greenbrier High School

Welcome to Mrs. Frey's Class!

Students: JOIN REMIND ASAP!  Please contact Mrs. Frey through Remind. When there is an issue, the student should be the person to contact Mrs. Frey.  Don't wait for your parents to email...handle your communication yourself.
Mrs. Frey's schedule and Remind codes:
1st Period: @1geomfrey
2nd Period: @2algfrey
3rd Period: @3algfrey
4th Period: @4algfrey
5th Period: @5geomfrey
6th Period: @6geomfrey
Emails and Remind messages will be read and replied to from 8am-4pm.  Mrs. Frey will be available each day M-Th  to tutor, answer questions, and help troubleshoot any technology issues. Student tutoring (live or through Google Meet) is available from 3:00-4:15 pm by appointment.  Send Mrs. Frey a Remind message to make an appointment.
All daily assignments will be managed in Google Classroom. You will not be turning things in through Google Classroom, but using it more as an information and organization tool.  You will find weekly learning plans, links to important resources, formative assessments like Kahoots and Quizizzes, and solutions to notes and homework all in Google Classroom.
Here are the Google Classroom codes:
Algebra 1: mttfgli                            Geometry: 6savgag
Parents: Please contact Mrs. Frey via email only after your child has had their own correspondence with Mrs. Frey via Remind. Please feel free to join the Remind class as well so that you see important announcements.  The students will be managing their learning through Google Classroom, so if you want to see the list of upcoming assignments, you will need to ask them to open their Google Classroom for you.   [email protected]


In Columbia County Schools, each semester is a grading period.  Each semester is calculated by using the quarter grades and the semester exam. Quarters are 9 weeks long and semesters are 18 weeks long. There are 2 semesters in a school year.
40% of the semester grade comes from Q1, 40% from Q2, and 20% is the semester exam.
For math classes, each quarter grade is comprised of Formative Grades and Summative Grades. 
30% of a quarter grade comes from Formative Grades.  These include assignments and assessments that help guide the students in their learning. Some examples of Formative Grades are Kahoots, Quizizzes, CYU's (Check Your Understanding assignments), in class paper quizzes, and others.  If the student is getting low Formative Grades, that means they need to change their approach to preparing for class.  If the level of preparation is high but the resulting grades are low, the student should reach out to Mrs. Frey to get some ideas on how to better learn the material before they take the corresponding summative test.  Low Formative assessments will be replaced with the corresponding Summative test result as a way to show that they mastered that material. 
70% of a Quarter Grade comes from Summative Grades.  These are tests that cover larger chunks of material that was already learned and assessed in the Formative category. Low Summative Test grades can be replace with the reassessment grade if it is better.



The graphing calculator sale was a success and we thank all who participated!  Unfortunately we are unable to get any more calculators this year, so please visit a local retail or online source to get your TI-84plus CE. There are also a limited number available for checkout through the media center.