Greenbrier High School

Parent Survey for Georgia Families Raising a Student with a Disability

What will be done with the survey?
GaDOE Division of Special Education will work collaboratively with Parent to Parent of Georgia (P2P), the statewide Parent Training Information Center, to identify needs in family involvement within the state and local districts based on statewide survey results.
Who is being surveyed?
The GaDOE is surveying parents of students with disabilities throughout Georgia.
Who will see your answers?
Individual answers are kept confidential. The GaDOE has contracted with evaluators at the Georgia Center for Assessment (GCA) to guarantee confidentiality. Each response will be coded by a number – not a name.
Why do you want to know my child's ethnicity and disability?
Geographic area, ethnicity, and disability group data is collected to ensure the results are valid and reflect the overall  demographics of the state. Be sure to indicate ethnicity as requested.
How do you complete the survey?
You may complete the survey online in English and Spanish at
Who do you contact for help with completing the survey?
Parent to Parent of Georgia at 800-229-2038 /
Special Education Help Desk at 404-657-9968
You may also call your local school system’s Parent Mentor.
To find out if your system has a Parent Mentor on staff, go to