Greenbrier High School

Course Requests for 2023-24 School Year

For those that need changes, please use the link below to make any changes. On the Google Form there will be an opportunity to drop and add core course selections. If you request to make a change to a core course, your counselor will reach out to speak to you prior to this change. For any elective changes, a dropdown is provided for elective courses that have availability. The Google Form will stop accepting entries on March 31, 2023. Please understand that there will not be an opportunity to make changes as we begin the school year. The only changes that will be accepted at the beginning of the school year are for students who are scheduled for a class they have already taken; seniors needing a class for a graduation requirement (as determined by counselor); or students that have a gap in their schedule.

 No Dual Enrollment changes will be made until we receive a copy of the student’s college schedule. If you are a rising senior and interested in privilege, we will start that process during the month of May.


Course Request Drop/Add Spring 23