Greenbrier High School

Digital Learning Day

  • Students will receive quality instruction in the format of live and recorded lessons from his/her teacher in all content areas using the district’s academic standards.
  • Students will use the Classlink Student Portal to login to their Google Classroom, where they will access assignments, resources, and other materials. Need a refresher course on how to access Google Classroom? Click here for more  information.
  • If your student does not have access to a computer or device (tablet, smartphone, etc.),  please contact the school to arrange for a one-day check-out. (One device per student in the home is recommended.)
  • Student work should be turned in through Google Classroom prior to returning to school.  If the digital access is not available, the student will have three days from the day of return to complete the assignment(s).
  •  Teachers will share additional information with students about Digital Learning Days, including how they will support student learning during the day.  (For example, some teachers may set up a discussion board while others may use online conference tools or be available via phone.)
  • Tech support will be available during the hours of 8:00-12:00 on the Digital Learning Day.  Call (706) 650-6040 for more information.
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