Greenbrier High School

Letter to Parents from the County


  • Social Distancing
    • Encourage social distancing in all areas of the school building.
    • Reinstall plexiglass dividers in all school cafeterias.
    • Limit visitors to essential volunteers.
  • Proper Hygiene and Sanitizing Strategies
    • Provide frequent opportunities to wash hands and use hand sanitizer.
    • Clean high traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces throughout the day.
    • Utilize the Bipolar Ionization Modules in school facilities and on buses.
  • Face Coverings
    • Encourage the use of face coverings while in the school building or on buses.
    • Require any individual who returns to school after isolation due to a positive COVID-19 test to wear a face covering for an additional five calendar days.
    • Require any individual, regardless of vaccination status, who has been in close contact with a positive person to wear a face covering while in the building or on the bus for up to ten calendar days. (This practice will be sensitive to the needs of individuals with medical issues that make the wearing of a face covering inadvisable.)
  • Isolate/Quarantine as Necessary
    • Require individuals who have tested positive OR who are assumed positive OR who are unable to socially distance from a positive in-home contact to quarantine at home for five days. To return to school on the 6th day, the individual must be fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication AND agree to wear a face covering for an additional five calendar days.  For specific quarantine instructions, contact your child’s school. *Individuals who have tested positive within the previous 30 days or who are fully vaccinated will not be required to quarantine when exposed to a positive individual.
  • Encourage Staff and Students to Discuss Vaccinations with a Healthcare Provider
    • Provide vaccination information to any interested individual and encourage all students and staff to discuss this option with their healthcare provider.

As always, our priority is to keep our students in school in a safe, healthy environment.  We will monitor the positive cases daily and make routine adjustments to our plan. With your help and implementation of these strategies, we will continue to provide an excellent educational experience for your children.  Thank you for doing your part in contributing to a successful school year for our students. 

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