Greenbrier High School

First Semester Modified A/B Schedule Option

This option provides high school students the opportunity to have three days of in-person instruction each week, excluding weeks with holidays. Each Friday, teachers will provide new instruction to those present, and those not present will complete the same learning activities independently from home.

Parents and Students: Please complete the form  and return it to your 5th period teacher no later than  Wednesday, October 21.  The form will be distributed to students during their 5th period today, October, 15,  2020.
NOTE: Students earning As and Bs on their report card do not need to return a form if they are opting out of  attending school on Fridays, choosing to learn independently from home on those days for the remainder of the semester.

Additional information may be found here:  
Please return the following form to your child's 5th period teacher by Wednesday, October 21, 2020.
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