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Clinical Change

State of the Clinical Address 

The Allied Health Pathway will allow the instructional team of Mrs. Meadows and Mr. Capell the freedom to provide the GHS Clinical Pack with a comprehensive hands-on experience tailored to the individual interests of students. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to seek professional certification during the school year to become Certified Medical Assistants. The CMA field offers a wide variety of employment opportunities including careers in hospitals, surgical clinics, medical offices, dental offices, nursing homes, home health, and more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CMAs earn around $5,000 more per year than CNAs, and CMA job demand is expected to increase by 29% by 2026 compared to 11% for CNA jobs. Mrs. Meadows and Mr. Capell look forward to combining the administrative and clinical competencies required for CMA training with their own unique medical backgrounds in Sports Medicine and Nursing, respectively. ALL CLINICAL STUDENTS will be now be learning the skillset of a nursing assistant from Mr. Capell AND will learn specialized sports injury prevention and treatment from Mrs. Meadows. And now for the fun part, new skills that will be learned as part of the program include performing an EKG and analyzing heart rhythms, blood draws (simulated on brand new amazing artificial arms!), administration of injections (simulated on manikins and models), and starting IVs (simulated once again on the artificial arms). Let’s get started, and Go Pack!

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently restricted from entering healthcare facilities for clinical rotations. Students will not be returning to clinical sites until the pandemic is over, and it is deemed safe to return. Students should not expect to begin any clinical rotations in the Fall Semester. The situation will be reassessed prior to the beginning of the Spring Semester. Clinical rotations are NOT required for CMA certification. Students will be able to complete all requirements for CMA certification in a simulated lab environment. Students will still have the opportunity to order scrubs, and we will hold special “Clinical in Class” days periodically to simulate realistic patient care scenarios. Professional certification might not be available for a fully online classwork model due to physical lab hour requirements.


-Mr. Capell & Mrs. Meadows

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