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This is a beginner’s class for students with minimal or no previous knowledge of the Spanish Language.  It is based on the Georgia Standards for Modern Languages which encompass the instruction of communication, culture, connections, comparisons, and communities.  

Students will learn greetings, verb conjugation, vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammatical structures to become effective communicators in the target language. 


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The Level III language course focuses on the continued development of communicative competence in the target language and understanding of the culture(s) of the people who speak the language. It assumes that the students have completed a Level II course or are at a Novice-Mid to Novice-High level of proficiency. Students use basic language structures with accuracy and recombine learned material to express their thoughts. They are exposed to more complex features of the language, moving from concrete to some abstract concepts.

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Online textbook "Avancemos"

School Supply List: 

  • Pens (blue and black) 
  • Pencils (#2) 
  • College Ruled Loose-Leaf Paper 
  • Composition Notebook (College Rule, 100 sheets-200 pages)  
  • Post-it Filing Tabs (Dividers)  
  • Donations of disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and tissues are greatly appreciated  



My daily schedule:

*1st Period - Planning

2nd period – Spanish 3
3rd period - Spanish 3

4th period - Spanish 1
5th period – Spanish 3
6th period - Spanish 1

7th period - Spanish 1


*Tutoring session: Every Tuesday from 3:00PM to 4:00PM

 Students should ask for extra help as soon as a problem is evident. The longer you wait the harder it will be to catch up. If you cannot make my tutoring session, please see the schedule below. You may attend any of the following sessions.

Monday-                 Llavona (Room 420) 3:00-4:00

Tuesday-                Piqué (Room 619) 3:00-3:30 OR Ennis (Room 628) 3:00-4:00

Wednesday-         Presgrove (Room 617) 3:00-4:00

Thursday -              Garcia-Mitchell (Room 421) 3:00-4:00 OR Moore (Room 408) 3:00-4:00