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Welcome to Greenbrier High School Soccer 2020


Welcome to the GHS soccer family. With your support, we look forward to a successful 2020 season both on and off the field. The GHS Soccer Booster Club is a parent organization that supports and promotes soccer at Greenbrier High School. We rely on school administrators, the GHS Athletic Foundation, parent volunteers, player membership, dedicated coaches, fundraisers and gracious sponsors to cover the costs and complete the necessary tasks to operate and run four competitive high school soccer teams.


 Soccer email:


Girls Coach:  Tracey Hampson and Wes Kendrick                         

Boys Coach:  Tony Cummings and Graeme Connolly

Athletic Director: Garrett Black                                  

Principal:  Carla Shelton

Athletic Trainer: Craig Huff

Varsity Soccer Schedule

Date                               Opponent                      Location     Girls           Boys

January 30th                  Lakeside**                    Blanchard  5:30            7:30

February 8th                  Islands/Richmond Hill Away          1:00            3:00

February 10th                Aquinas                         Away          6:00            -----

February 14th                Evans*                          Home          5:30            7:30

February 18th                Grovetown*                   Away          5:30            7:30

February 25th                 Grovetown*                  Home          5:30            7:30

February 28th                Alcovy*                         Away          5:00            7:00

March 2nd                      North Augusta              Home          6:00            -----

March 3rd                      Lakeside*                      Away          -----             6:00

March 6th                      Lakeside*                      Away          6:00            -----

March 6th                       North Augusta              Away          -----             6:30

March 10th                    South Aiken                  Home          -----             7:00

March 12th                    Evans*                          Away          5:30            7:30

March 17th                    Heritage*                      Home          5:30            7:30

March 19th                     TBD                              Blanchard  TBD           TBD

March 20th                     TBD                              Blanchard  TBD           TBD

March 21st                     TBD                              Blanchard  TBD           TBD

March 27th                    Alcovy*                         Home          5:00            7:00

March 31st                     Heritage*                      Away          5:30            7:30

April 2nd                        Lakeside*                      Home          5:30            7:30

April 15th                       Aiken                             Away          5:30            7:30

April 16th                         Westminster                  Away          -----             7:30




*Region Game

**Scrimmage Game


JV Soccer Schedule


Date                               Opponent                      Location     Girls           Boys

February 4th                  Evans                            Home          5:30            7:00

February 12th                Lakeside                        Home          5:30            7:00

February 13th                Grovetown                    Blanchard  5:30            7:00

February 19th                Harlem                          Away          5:30            7:00

February 21st                 TBD                              Columbia   5:00            7:30

February 22nd                TBD                              Columbia   12:00          10:00

February 22nd                TBD                              Columbia   6:15            3:00

February 26th                Evans                            Away          5:30            7:00

March 4th                      Lakeside                        Away          5:30            7:00

March 16th                    Grovetown                    Away          5:30            7:00

March 19th                    TBD                              Blanchard  TBD           TBD

March 20th                    TBD                              Blanchard  TBD           TBD

March 21st                     TBD                               Blanchard  TBD           TBD




 2020 Soccer Booster Club Board


Todd Stewart- President



Linda Rhodes- Treasurer



Kelley Gassman- Apparel

Susan Reynolds-Sponsorships



Kris Carver-Communications



Michele Singletary-Tournament Director


TaxSlayer Border Classic


Boys Coaches
Anthony Cummings
Graeme Connolly
Community Coach
Girls Coaches
Tracey Hampson
Wes Kendrick
Community Coach
Mike Vaughan
Community Coach