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Recommended AP Summer Work

  • AP ENGLISH  (Updated 5-13-20)
      Teacher:  Ms. Lowery
         AP Summer Reading Letter:  Reading Letter
        Assignment 1: TPFASTT
        Assignment 2: Archetypes
  • 11TH GRADE AP LITERATURE (Updated 5-15-20)
      Teacher(s):  Ms. Garnto, Ms. Weingarten
       Assignment:  AP Summer Reading
  • AP ART (updated 5-12-20)
      Teacher: Ms. Ellington
No summer work.
  • BC CALCULUS (updated 5-11-20)
      Teacher:  Ms. Purvis
There is no summer assignment for BC Calculus other than review all parent functions along with polynomial, polar & parametric equations. We will review these in class the first week of school and there will be a quiz the second week of school.
  • AP STATISTICS (updated 5-11-20)
      Teacher: Ms. Sallette
Familiarize yourself with a standard deck of playing cards.
  • AP SPANISH (Updated 5-15-20)
Teacher: Ms. Presgrove
No summer work.
     Teacher:  Mrs. McDowell (updated 5-17-20)
  • AP CHEMISTRY (updated 5-19-20)
Teacher:  Mr. Basille
  • AP ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE (APES) (updated 5-11-20)
     Teacher:  Ms. Rogers
No summer work
Teacher:  Coach Cutler
  • AP PSYCHOLOGY (updated 5-11-20) 
     Teacher:  Mr. Mann
No summer work. 
Please consider purchasing 5 Steps to  5 workbook for AP Psych.  Mr. Mann highly recommends this workbook.
Any 2010-2020 copy/edition is just as good as a new copy.   Option: You may be able to use a workbook from a former student.
  • AP EUROPEAN HISTORY (AP EURO) (updated 5-19-20)
      Teacher:  Mr. Dudley
No summer work.
  • AP GOVERNMENT (updated 5-19-20)
      Teacher:  Mr. Sickman
No summer work.
  • AP HUMAN GEOGRAPHY (AP HUG) (updated 5-11-20)
     Teacher(s):  Ms. Whipple
No summer work.
  • AP UNITED STATES HISTORY (APUSH) (updated 5-13-20)
      Teachers:  Mr. Dudley, Mr. Moore
No summer work.
  • AP WORLD HISTORY (updated 6-8-20)
Teacher(s):  Mrs. Clark, Ms. Whipple

We recommend you purchase the AMSCO AP World MODERN study book from  
If it is one from this past school year ONLY you can buy a used one from a student.
It cannot be earlier than Sept of 2019 . It must be the AP World MODERN book .