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Recommended AP Summer Work

  • AP ENGLISH  (Updated 5-10-21)
      Teacher:  Ms. Lowery
         AP Summer Reading Letter:  Reading Letter
  • 11TH GRADE AP LITERATURE (Updated 5-17-21)
      Teacher(s):  Ms. Garnto, Dr. Townsend
       Assignment:  AP Summer Reading
  • AP ART (updated 5-24-21)
      Teacher: Ms. Ellington
Please join the Google Classroom for summer work.  The code is:  4ompmjt
  • BC CALCULUS (updated 5-20-21)
      Teacher:  Ms. Purvis
There is no summer assignment for BC Calculus other than review all parent functions along with polynomial, polar & parametric equations. We will review these in class the first week of school and there will be a quiz the second week of school.
  • AP STATISTICS (updated 5-19-21)
      Teacher: Ms. Sallette
Familiarize yourself with a standard deck of playing cards.
  • AP SPANISH (Updated 5-19-21)
Teacher: Ms. Presgrove
     Teacher:  Mrs. McDowell (updated 5-17-21)
  • AP CHEMISTRY (updated 5-14-21)
Teacher:  Mr. Basille
  • AP ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE (APES) (updated 5-20-21)
     Teacher:  Ms. Rogers
No summer work
Teacher:  Coach Cutler
  • AP PSYCHOLOGY (updated 5-20-21) 
     Teacher:  Mr. Mann
No summer work. 
Please consider purchasing 5 Steps to  5 workbook for AP Psych.  Mr. Mann highly recommends this workbook.
Any 2010-2020 copy/edition is just as good as a new copy.   Option: You may be able to use a workbook from a former student.
  • AP EUROPEAN HISTORY (AP EURO) (updated 5-21-21)
      Teacher:  Mr. Dudley


  1. Read AMSCO introduction.  It gives you a good overview of the expectations for the A.P. European History Course.  
  2. As you read the notes form the Later Middle Ages, answer the questions in the Packet. 
These are due when we take the quiz on August 20th
  • AP GOVERNMENT (updated 5-11-21)
      Teacher:  Mr. Sickman
No summer work.

We recommend you purchase the AMSCO AP Government Study Book. 

If you purchase and older copy please be sure it was made for the Re-designed AP Government Course (2019-present).


  • AP HUMAN GEOGRAPHY (AP HUG) (updated 5-24-21)
     Teacher(s):  Ms. Whipple
No Summer Work
  • AP UNITED STATES HISTORY (APUSH) (updated 5-21-21)
      Teachers:  Mr. Dudley
  • AP WORLD HISTORY (updated 5-25-21)
Teacher(s):  Ms. Whipple
No summer work.

We recommend you purchase the AMSCO AP World MODERN study book from  
If it is one from this past school year ONLY you can buy a used one from a student.
It cannot be earlier than Sept of 2019 . It must be the AP World MODERN book .