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Contact Information:
Phone Number: 706-6271368
School Phone Number: 706-650-6040
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Mornings: Only Quiz and Test Days
Afternoons: By Appointment 
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My Background

My mission statement is simple: I want to make a difference in the lives of students.
Let's see, where do I begin? Even though I have always loved teaching, coaching, and working with young people, I have not always been a teacher. I have always enjoyed math and science and by the time I was a sophomore in high school, I had decided I was going to pursue a career in engineering. I graduated from Clemson University in 2001 (don't hold that against me bulldog fans) with a degree in chemical engineering and minor in chemistry. I began working at a chemical plant here in Augusta as a chemical engineer for 8 years. It was a great job, with a good company, and was everything I thought it would be based on my schooling and co-oping (work experience) while in college. I then received a promotion to Sr. Engineer, and eventually another promotion to manager.
I was definitely climbing that corporate ladder, however something seemed missing. The hours began to take its toll on me, which was adversely affecting my family life. There's nothing quite like being called at 3:00 am on a Saturday morning and having to go out to the plant because 200,000 gallons of nitric acid was spilled all over the ground, or having to work 30 days in a row (yes, Saturdays and Sundays too) 14-16 hours/day during a big plant outage......not so conducive to family life. Long story short, I decided I needed a career change.
So I started thinking, you know what? How cool would it be to become a teacher and to be able to show my students exactly when and how they can use the concepts they learn in class in the real world? I feel that I have an enormous amount of experience in industry that allows me to bring that real world application to the classroom and show my students why they are learning what they are learning, which is just as important as actually learning the material. One of the first assignments I had as a brand new engineer right out of college was to manually estimate how much product was on the floor of the warehouse, which happened to be in the shape of a cone. I had to know and be able to use the formula for the volume of a cone to calculate how much product was there!
When students ask the question "Why do I have to learn this?", I feel I have two really good responses to that valid question. Number one, I have personal experience with using most of the concepts taught in the curriculum and can give countless examples of exactly where I used certain formulas and concepts. Secondly, if students feel they are destined for a profession that is not math intensive, I can emphasize just how important it is to make good grades in all subjects so the student will have an awesome resume and be a good candidate for college admissions and/or the workforce. Not only are you building those critical thinking and problem-solving skills in math, but I've been on both sides of that interview table and I'm here to tell you, when I look at that resume and see that high GPA, that tells me just about all I need to know about a candidate and whether or not I want to hire him or her. That high GPA tells me you're a hard-worker, you're well-rounded, you have high standards, you're intelligent, but more important than all of those things, it tells me you're a WILLING and CAPABLE LEARNER! In short, saddle up......I want you working for my company!
Teaching has been such a gratifying and rewarding experience. There is nothing better than seeing that "light bulb" go off in the mind of a child, or seeing that smile after making an A on a test after working and studying hard to prepare for it. I hope I am teaching for many years to come, and will see or hear about all of the success stories of many of my students years down the road!
Advanced Algebra Gifted/Accelerated Block Class (1st Semester)
Analytic Geometry (2nd Semester)
Schedule (1st Semester):
1st-2nd Period: Advanced Algebra Block
3rd-4th Period: Advanced Algebra Block
5th-6th Period: Advanced Algebra Block
7th Period: Planning
Schedule (2nd Semester)
1st Period - Geometry
2nd Period - Geometry
3rd Period - Geometry
4th Period - Geometry
5th Period - Geometry
6th Period - Geometry
7th Period - Planning